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Word for Word's Word of the Week!

Word for Word : News, etc - Winter 2015

Prepare Your Small Business for Winter

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Prepare Your Small Business for Winter

Guess what... winter is upon us. The time to prepare your small business for it is now. Here’s what small business owners should be doing (or should already have done!) in preparation for winter to increase sales, improve the organisation, and prevent costly winter repairs.


Extend the sales potential of your winter stock by getting it in now. Consumers generally prepare for winter well ahead of the actual season, and (in case you haven’t noticed) the big brands began their winter-themed advertising campaigns in October.

You can increase your sales potential by running several “Be Prepared” campaigns and promotions to encourage customers to stock up.

Building Management

Don’t get caught off-guard by winter frosts - take stock of your winter weaknesses now and make plans to address them.

  • Insulate any outdoor pipes and taps to prevent freezing.
  • Clear gutters and trim low-hanging branches – wet and then frozen leaves are heavy and can cause damage.
  • Get that boiler serviced!

Plan Improvements

Many small businesses experience slowed foot-traffic during the dead of winter. Instead of sitting around twiddling your thumbs, use this opportunity to work on improvements to your business. If you have a project in mind, start planning for it now so it will be ready to begin during the slow winter period of January / February.

The slower winter months are also a great time to perhaps plan a move to online or social selling.

Prepare your Finances

Have an an end-of-the-year financial clean-up. Winter is a good time to chase all those outstanding invoices. Perhaps you should also think about settling with creditors, so you have a clear run come the new year.

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